Make Money with Your Photos: A Starters Guide to Selling Stock Photos


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Make Money with Your Photos: A Starters Guide to Selling Stock Photos

Want to make easy money? The hard drives full of photographs that you have taken are a great place to begin. Look through your photos, select the best, and sell themas stock photos on DollarStockFoto to get extra money.

DollarStockFotos makes it easy for anyone who has a passion for photography to start selling their photos online.

Even though $1 make seem like a small amount of money, just think how much extra money you will make when you sell 100 stock photos.

First Steps to Selling Stock Photos

To get started, it is important to make sure you have the proper equipment. You shouldn’t use mobile phone photos for your stock image portfolio. Instead, get a good-quality digital camera. A camera that you can manually adjust settings works the best. You must be able to ensure that your photos are “tack sharp.”

DollarStockFotos inspects all photos by human eyes before being approved and posted online. You should learn the ins and outs of your camera so you can take technically correct images.

Build Your Portfolio

It is essential that you develop a diverse and amazing portfolio is essential. Set a goal of how many photos you will upload on a weekly, monthly or annual basis. Once you see what sells better, you can refocus to add to those categories.

You should think about the potential commercial uses for your images and take advantage of any connections you have to different industries. You will probably not have much success in the landscape field for an example, simply because there are so many of them. But if you have a relative who owns a bakery and you can get behind-the-scenes photo, that is an wonderful connection.

Look around and see what you have access to.

Remember that in stock photography should be generic. There shouldn’t be any recognizable brands in your image. And stock images of people or properties will require a model or property release be signed before you can legally sell the photo.

You can improve the chances of your images selling by using correct keywords. Think about all the things that people might be searching for that your image would be an option.

In addition to photos, DollarStockFotos is working to add the capability to sell stock audio, video, graphics, and timelapse soon.

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