Tips for handling memory cards


Have you considered if you are handling your SD cards properly? If you are taking digital photos on a memory card (which you most likely are), you will want to read this! First, let’s talk about a memory card in simple terms. To most people, a memory card is simply a piece of plastic or metal that they dont give … Read More

Make Money with Your Photos: A Starters Guide to Selling Stock Photos


Want to make easy money? The hard drives full of photographs that you have taken are a great place to begin. Look through your photos, select the best, and sell themas stock photos on DollarStockFoto to get extra money. DollarStockFotos makes it easy for anyone who has a passion for photography to start selling their photos online. Even though $1 … Read More

Mastering Photo Exposure – The Exposure Triangle

mastering exposure window with shutter

There are three basic elements on a camera that effect the exposure of an image. Together, these three facets are known as the exposure triangle. They are: The exposure of your photograph is wherever these three intersect. A change in just one of these three things affects the others. You will always be working with three of these if you … Read More