Tips for handling memory cards


Have you considered if you are handling your SD cards properly? If you are taking digital photos on a memory card (which you most likely are), you will want to read this! First, let’s talk about a memory card in simple terms. To most people, a memory card is simply a piece of plastic or metal that they dont give … Read More

Make Money with Your Photos: A Starters Guide to Selling Stock Photos


Want to make easy money? The hard drives full of photographs that you have taken are a great place to begin. Look through your photos, select the best, and sell themas stock photos on DollarStockFoto to get extra money. DollarStockFotos makes it easy for anyone who has a passion for photography to start selling their photos online. Even though $1 … Read More

3 Tools That Will Help You Make Better Black and Whites in Photoshop

3 tools for photoshop black and white

Do you struggle to get your black and white photographs to have the same pop as regular photos? Or can you not decide at times if a photo would be better as a black and white or in color? In this article, we will discuss some very simple photoshop techniques to boost your black and whites. We will also talk … Read More

Canon EOS Rebel T4i Review


$699.00 COMPARABLE MODELS Panasonic Lumix ZS100 Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000 Panasonic Lumix LX100 Nikon D3300 THE GOOD The Canon EOS Rebel T4i delivers extremely good photo and video quality plus improved performance in Live View shooting over the T3i — as long as you buy the more expensive 18-135mm STM kit. Plus, the camera has a more streamlined shooting design than … Read More

Mastering Photo Exposure – The Exposure Triangle

mastering exposure window with shutter

There are three basic elements on a camera that effect the exposure of an image. Together, these three facets are known as the exposure triangle. They are: The exposure of your photograph is wherever these three intersect. A change in just one of these three things affects the others. You will always be working with three of these if you … Read More